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Run your Business Better With Timely Actionable Information

The end game of a properly executed digital transformation and growth marketing is to obtain data, insights and analytics that will offer the information that will help you run your business - smarter!  We gather information from your website, business system, team and IT assets that will give you a 360* view of your business - always.

key decision support systems

Informed Decisions Are Better

Website Analytics

Know why your website visitors stay and why they bounce.  Get pixel perfect playbacks and precise behaviours of what your visitors do on your website.

Business Analytics

Know how much cash you are going to need for any period of time or get insights on how a product line, or line of business is doing, without having to ask your accountant.

Workforce Analytics

Understand how your team works from home or from the office with the ability to share information with members that promote healthy work habits.

IT Platform Analytics

Get instant reporting on how your Internet, network and computers are running so that you can keep your team working with fine tuned precision equipment.

Data, Insights & Analytics

If you can measure it, you can manage it!

The end game of digital transformation is to obtain actionable information to run your business better.  Your decisions are more effective when you take away the guess work and make them in the know. 

Here is what we look at:
  • Visitor Behaviour On Your Website
  • Dangerous Competitor Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Staff & Contractor Prouctivity Measurement
  • Computer, Server, Internet, Security Management

Pricing Plans

Plans designed to scale with your growth

Simple, per user pricing, without contracts! Get started with your digital business transformation by selecting the plan that best suits you:

Application Cloud


  • Buy, Lease or Bring Your Own Software License
  • PDF Writer and Printing Software
  • Up to 5GB of Secure Storage
  • Daily Off Site Backup
  • Dedicated support

Desktop Cloud


  • Everything from Application Cloud, Plus:
  • Office 365
  • SEO Optimized Website Hosting
  • Enterprise Email With Exchange
  • Up To 10GB of secure storage



  • Everything From Business Cloud, Plus:
  • US / CA Unlimited Phone Service
  • TF & International Numbers Avail.
  • Email Archiving & Security Option
  • Up To 50GB of Secure Storage



  • Easy admin panel
  • ERP management system
  • Data analytics tools
  • Raw data export and import
  • Dedicated support



  • Easy admin panel
  • ERP management system
  • Data analytics tools
  • Raw data export and import
  • Dedicated support



  • Easy admin panel
  • ERP management system
  • Data analytics tools
  • Raw data export and import
  • Dedicated support

Up To The Minute Reporting

Information For You or Your Team When You Need It

The amount of time you'll save by integrating your workflows, can be used to further develop your business, or spending it on yourself.

Done For You

No leg work or guess work required.  We set it all up and support.

Set & Forget It

Everything runs in the background automatically.

Global Access

Get access to your systems via web or desktop applications.

Save time and money

integrate your website and your accounting

The more you automate, the less likely you are to make mistakes entering things double by simply having systems that talk to eachother.

Accounting Packages

We support Quickbooks Desktop & Online as well as Accountedge for PC & MAC

E-commerce Systems

Among many solutions we work with Shopify, Woocommerce, Enstore and Paypal Shopping Carts

Windows Desktop & Server

We support both desktop and server versions of Windows.


Clients valuable feedback

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"Great Software For Any Kinds Of Management System. Highly Recommended"

Adam Smith

"Best Application For Me. Easy To Manage Everything. Highly Recommended"

Shane Kyle

"Great Software For Any Kinds Of Management System. Highly Recommended"

John Doe

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