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Our Work : Financial

Case Study: A.C. Capla, S.A.


A.C. Capla, S.A.

Date Signed Up:

01 Apr, 2000


Managed IT & Security Services, Cloud Enablement, E-Mail Security


Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

Contract Length

22+ Years
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Inintial Strategy

Site Survey & Technical Support

Capla is a financial services company located in the capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.  The datacenter and structured network drops were designed by ITM, our IT subsidiary, and 18 years later, is still fully operational.

Originally, all computer and server equipment was provided and installed by ITM.  Today the entire infrastructure, local and remote support is still provided by us.  New Incumbents were brought in 2022 to support the ERP, and management was transitioned to them.  We continue to support Website, Exchange Email and Office 365.


When we began to work at Capla, they didn't have an IT department, internal email, shared internet, website or email as well as no security, no firewall and no network infrastructure.  User training and adoption was challenging in moving towards new technology such as electronic mail.

Their ERP and operational software presented challenges mainly because of the vendor architecture.


Improve Security For Compliance Purposes

Original security depended initially on Windows 9x systems and there was no dedicated server.  The entire infrastructure was upgraded to an NT based network and today a fully fournished Windows Enterprise network.

Create IT Department, Policies & Procedures

Yearly audits are conducted with external auditors, and data is gathered and combined using our 24/7 management and monitoring system allowing us to develop yearly IT policies and procedures.

Implement Online Communication Into Workflows

From registering the first domain name and launching the first email and website, to the current exchange web services environment, Capla has always been enabled in the leading edge of technology.


22 years of uninterrupted IT service and security management with 0 recorded security breaches while adhering to compliance norms such as KYC, AML, United States Department of State and other local authorities.
  • 100% Uptime For Cloud and Local Infrastructure in 2020
  • Mean Time Between Responses < 8h
  • On-site emergency response < 2h